IP Strategy and Counseling

The Best Friend
Your IP Portfolio Ever Had.

We believe that a sustainable and healthy portfolio must be actively managed and that maintenance strategies must be scalable and evolve as our clients' business evolves. The services we provide to ensure the best outcomes for our clients include not only patent prosecution in the US and internationally, but ongoing technology evaluation and portfolio mining.

In addition to preparing and prosecuting patent applications, we offer our clients a broad range of services including

  • Inventorship determinations
  • Evaluation of invention disclosures, records of invention
  • Patentability, non-infringement and freedom to operate opinions
  • Portfolio strategies for optimizing short and long-term benefit
  • Deep MiningSM of technology platforms and portfolios
  • Counseling about the establishment and implementation of corporate procedures/policies to protect intellectual property including trade secrets
  • Preparing and prosecuting reexamination and reissue applications

Our Deep MiningSM service is unique in the industry. In our experience, clients often have more value in their portfolio than they realize. This is especially true when portfolios are acquired for a singular purpose central to the business. The focus at the time of acquisition is almost exclusively on this one purpose. However, upon review, it is often revealed that the portfolio contains latent inventions buried and often overlooked. Whether or not these are core to the clients business, they still represent untapped value which may be realized through carve out, licensing or assignment. Deep MiningSM is a service we provide our clients but is also available as a stand-alone service to any potential client wishing to fully exploit their IP assets.

Patent Procurement
The value of a patent should never be underestimated. Unfortunately, the time and expense to obtain and defend these assets has never been greater. Prosecution of patent applications involves an extensive amount of back-and-forth communication and in-person interactions with patenting agencies worldwide. It is an active and demanding process. In order to achieve comprehensive solutions for our clients we rely on the technical expertise and experience of our professionals.

Worldwide portfolio integration
In addition to our aggressive pursuit of patent rights in the US, we work closely with our foreign associates in order to maintain a consistent and unified portfolio voice through prosecution, oppositions, appeals, and cancellation proceedings.

"Vision without execution is hallucination"

Thomas Edison