Portfolio Development

The Best Friend
Your IP Portfolio Ever Had.

For start ups and new ventures, DT Ward, PC offers, On-site CounselSM services. At DT Ward, PC, we appreciate that some of the most innovative ideas can occur early on when the business lacks resources to invest in the infrastructure of a full service in-house patent department or to pay the high hourly rate of external patent counsel. This is the time, however, where an integrated patent strategy is needed the most.

For companies whose business models do not include the establishment of an internal patent department, On-site CounselSM provides the benefit of integrated IP support without the encumbered costs. And as the client's portfolio grows, we provide support and counseling during the transition from temporary in-house counsel to development of a full IP staff.

By participating in On-site CounselSM, our clients arrange for one of our attorneys or agents to be on-site a few days each month. During these visits, our team spends time with inventors, managers and staff to provide real-time counseling, including invention documentation and evaluation.

In return, because of the early one-on-one investment, we are better equipped to craft a stronger, more dominant IP portfolio and to do so at a discounted rate.

Being there and getting it right from the start is just that important to us.

"Vision without execution is hallucination"

Thomas Edison